Wall Panel / Ceiling Panels

  • Wide range of panel options, we provide both self standing wall panels without brick wall support as well as wall cladding option to be cladded on the existing wall.
  • Plain and designer Glass wall panels - Excellent asthetic look, zero porcity.
  • Solid Mineral Surface ( Corian) wall panel - Great look, less porcity.
  • SS 304 Sandwich wall panels - Less porcity, better strength.
  • Panels with built in conduits for gas and electric - No outside cabling & gas pipelines.
  • HGPVC - Imported (UK) material, 2.5mm thick, comes with better antibacterial and thermal properties
  • Built in Riser panel for wall panels can be given to save OT space - Better looks, save space.
  • PCGI / SS 304 / GI with Antibaterial paint ceiling with sandwich panel, air tight, leakproof, walkable – strong, strudy and easy for maintainance. It maintains positive air pressure.