Laminar Air Flow

  • Hepa filters- H-14 (Imported, Lyndle – French), Purity as per NABH class 100. Purity of air assured.
  • SS 304 cabinet. sturdy, non corrosive. Plenum with GI – painted / Aluminium can also be provided.
  • Foam lining for reduction in air cutting noise. Less sound and vibration.
  • Positive air pressure: +15 pascal. As per NABH norms. Restrict infective air from passage.
  • Air velocity – 0.45m/sec. No turbulence in air.
  • Air changes – 30 times / hour with fresh air 20%. Continously changing air from OT.
  • Fresh Air – 15 -20%. Gives fresh air in OT.
  • Humidity – 40-60% control. Avoid dryness in OT.
  • AHU Control Panel with VFD and safety interlocks for protecting AHU from damages.