Sigma OT Integration – A complete OR Integration Solution.

    Features -

  • Multiple camera integration with multiple monitors in OT in single or split mode :
    System can integrate Endoscopy camera, External camera, 'C' arm image, Multi para monitor.
  • Image and Voice distribution to server room :
    Surgery transmission is done from each OT to server in High definition video and audio, quad view mode.
  • Recording System :
    Pridex OT integration system enables HD recording from 2 cameras simultaneously. Images will be stored in system itself and can be pulled in the Hospital's LAN Network, has an inbuilt Video editing software, possibility of integration with hospital's PACS server-with Di-com Viewer.
  • Patient Data Management :
    Powerful patient data management module creates data file for each patient which will import all previous reports, record surgery video and snapshots. Management information reports are provided with various data required data on surgeries performed in each OT.
  • PACS viewer / Digital radiology image viewer
  • Audio hardware consist of wireless Mic- 2 Nos., Speakers – 2 Nos.
  • 24" touch screen with high end all in one computer system.
  • Broadcaster ( Optional ) - video also can be transmitted to other hospital through the broadcaster. It integrates video and audio as well.