Pridex Mission

Pridex is determined to grow multifold with an aim to become major player in India for innovative & integrated OT technologies covering almost all surgical faculties.


Company History

2018 Tied up with Akino Medical Pte.Ltd. Singapore, Japan for Rigid Endoscopy System
2017 MOT Division completed 40 theatres with innovative technology of OR Integration. Sahyadri Hospitals (Biggest Corporate group in Maharashtra) project of 5 ultramodern theatres was successfully completed.
2016 Pridex was awarded with Best Global Distributor Award by Bien Air, Switzerland
2015 Changed its name from Surgdent to Pridex as Pridex explains company activities better. It is now multidivision company embracing innovative & integrated OT technologies.
2013 Tied up with Rimsa, Italy for OT Lights, Conmed Linvatec, USA for 3D Laparoscopy, Pentax, Japan for Flexible Urology Endoscopy & Sony, Japan for their medical products.
2012 Tied up with Invisia, Italy to market Stroboscopy Systems for ENT market.
2010 Tied up with Sutter, Germany to market their RF Surgery equipments In India.
2008 Founded associate company Fortech Medicare Pvt Ltd.
2008 Launched own range of Pridex equipments such as Xenon light source and CO2 Insufflators as part of MIS system.
2002 Company acquired agency for Operating Microscopes from Karl Kaps, Germany.
2000 Company became Private Limited Company.
1997 Tied up with Maxer, Germany for Rigid Endoscopy systems.
1995 Pridex started selling Bien Air, Switzerland Bone drilling systems.
1992 Pridex was established in 1992 with the vision to become one of the leading healthcare equipment providers in India. Started with a small product of ENT burs, it went on acquiring new agencies at regular intervals.

Pridex now has strong product range in following departments:

  • Modular Operation Theatre that integrates various surgical equipments such as MIS, Electrosurgery, OT Lights, Microscopes, etc.
  • General Surgery.
  • Gynaecology.
  • Urology.
  • ENT.
  • Orthopaedic.
  • Neuro & Spine.
  • Plastic Surgery.

Company runs with the underlying principals of utmost customer satisfaction with long-term relations. Engineering background of the directors has helped Pridex to choose principals abroad with the world-class quality. Pridex values after sales service most & has always given one of the highest priorities to this department.


Manpower and Organisation

Pridex has 4 Marketing Divisions -

  • SGU Division - Catering to Surgery, Gynaec and Urology products
  • ENP Division - Catering to ENT , Neuro and Plastic Surgery products
  • Ortho Division - Catering to Arthroscopy and Spine Endoscopy products
  • MOT Division - For Modular Operation Theatres and related products

Currently, Pridex has about 55 employees & more than 15 dealers all over India to promote & provide timely service. Company has well organized structure with various departments such as Sales, Product Management, Marketing Support, Purchase, HRD, Service, Logistics, Accounts etc. Please click on the links to see details of Organisation Structure.

MOT division offers integrated OR solutions which include modular panels, automatic doors, centralised control panel, laminar air flow, pendants, media bridge and OT Lights.


Company Strengths

Main strengths of Pridex lies with skilled, dedicated manpower & the personal rapport developed with many leading surgeons of India. Manpower is spread all over India for better penetration in all states . Wide installation base of more than 5000 Endoscope customers , more than 850 Bone drilling systems, over 300 operating microscopes and over 50 RF systems itself proves this and gives us leading edge over many other competitors.

Maxer Endoscopy, Bien- Air drills & Karl Kaps microscopes have gained high reputation in India & are used in many premium hospitals.

Pridex has full fledged after sales service to repair all products that are imported by the company. Hardly any time the products have to be sent back to the principals abroad for repairs. Sufficient stock of spare parts are maintained and service manpower is trained by Principals with service knowhow and tooling.

Company maintains huge demonstration stock to cater to the markets which helps in closing the deals and provide service.

Pridex participates in many congresses and surgical workshops all over country to exhibit and use their products in the surgery. It also works very closely with many surgical training centers in India and offer training to its users.